Sunday, January 8, 2012

So why does it seem so hard...........

Ok, this post is just really a short rant on having to stay strong to be natural. I mean most of the woman I am around are fully weaved or permed to the nines. I must admit the long flowing hair (btw, hair that used to belong to someone else) is really gorgeous on these women. It's flowing and silky looking. My permed sisters, hair is fly as hell and really looks good. Me..........the begining stages of locking my hair so I look a little um....... unkept by the head. I make sure I'm showered and April fresh and my clothes are clean and look neat but I still sometimes feel not so cute. Needless to say I have to tell myself "this too shall pass" and soon I'll have the flow and look I so desire. I guess this is all to say, sometimes when 'everybody' else looks like they are conforming to what is considered the norm and I'm out of the norm (which really should be the norm, aka, naturally what we were given) that's when I have to KNOW my worth, beauty and intellegence is not my hair. Just a thought. Go on and have a great day! Love and Blessings! Peace.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life lessons

I was thinking, we all have a choice. Well, I sometimes forget cause I'm a rescuer and I sometimes put others before myself. Not always a great idea. You see, I met this man a while back and yes we just clicked. Lost touch and now he has 'appeared' in my life again. At the time we met we both were in relationships, now we both are single and free. Well wouldn't you know he still has a 'thing' for me. (smile)
Not so fast, now he's not in such a good space, can I just say broke, damn near homeless, no car and I must mention, 3 kids. Soooo, the kids don't faze me as much as the other mentions. I mean, I know what I want and deserve so I had to 'remind' myself that this man is NOT for me. Yeah, he's still a sweet heart and charming as ever but I'm really not down for a relationship that brings not much to the table other than great charm. So, I will pass and wait patiently for the Man that is supposed to really appear in my life. All this to say, life lessons sometimes appear as 'your blessing' but pay close attention to detail cause sometimes it's just a mirage. Peace and Blessings!


As you can see from the photo..................I'm starting Ova!!!! Yeah me! I decided that I wanted a fresh start. Sometimes a fresh start means getting rid of the old and starting from scratch! Ok, why you may ask,
I've come to the conclusion that traditional locs are the way I want to go. Being tender-headed and also hard-headed at the same time has led me to this decision. You see, I was advised by those who know me well to get traditonal locs in the first place but "NO" I had to have the sisterlocks. Anywho, it was a journey I needed to experience but the end has come to that road traveled. So now, a fresh start on the beginning to my next destination. One of the things I love about being me is I can change my mind at any time and no one can change it for me. That being said, wish me well on my new journey or not, either way I'm already riding out! Peace!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Repost!!! LOVE YOU!

Loving me, myself and I

Wow, it really seems to be a big push on loving and choosing to be loved right. I know that to truly be loved right by someone you have to truly love yourself. I was watching Oprah and was blown away by something Marie Osmond said, "you marry at the level of your self esteem." Not only do we choose we have the choice of choosing. Don't let your choice be determined by the way you are or are not loving yourself. I have been guilty of choosing partners that I know now should not have even been a consideration! The more I focused on loving me and knowing that I was worthy of the best took my choices down to slim to none. LOL! Not saying that he is not out there but he ain't around here. :>}
Ladies and gentleman choose wisely, you have a choice! It's ok if you've messed up a time or two or three, but get the lesson and focus on you! Self love makes you a happier person and a better lover when the right person comes along. Trust God first then trust your gut, it won't steer you wrong. Wishing you all a true love. Enjoy the journey! Peace and blessings.