Sunday, January 8, 2012

So why does it seem so hard...........

Ok, this post is just really a short rant on having to stay strong to be natural. I mean most of the woman I am around are fully weaved or permed to the nines. I must admit the long flowing hair (btw, hair that used to belong to someone else) is really gorgeous on these women. It's flowing and silky looking. My permed sisters, hair is fly as hell and really looks good. Me..........the begining stages of locking my hair so I look a little um....... unkept by the head. I make sure I'm showered and April fresh and my clothes are clean and look neat but I still sometimes feel not so cute. Needless to say I have to tell myself "this too shall pass" and soon I'll have the flow and look I so desire. I guess this is all to say, sometimes when 'everybody' else looks like they are conforming to what is considered the norm and I'm out of the norm (which really should be the norm, aka, naturally what we were given) that's when I have to KNOW my worth, beauty and intellegence is not my hair. Just a thought. Go on and have a great day! Love and Blessings! Peace.


  1. Be strong! I feel like that some day and some days I wish I had someone elses hair. You just have to stay strong following some natural hair blogs or tumblrs that are all pictures like or

  2. Stay strong! I always thought I was fly with my sisterlocks, even from the very start when looking back I said wow LOL. Surround yourself with postive people read lots of posts that are lifting to your spirits. You ROCK!

  3. Robin,
    You won the giveaway! Let me know if you want the Kitchen Aid Mixer (and what color) or $200 gift card. Email me at with your address so I can send it off. Congrats!!!
    The Girl Who Ate Everything