Sunday, July 17, 2011


As you can see from the photo..................I'm starting Ova!!!! Yeah me! I decided that I wanted a fresh start. Sometimes a fresh start means getting rid of the old and starting from scratch! Ok, why you may ask,
I've come to the conclusion that traditional locs are the way I want to go. Being tender-headed and also hard-headed at the same time has led me to this decision. You see, I was advised by those who know me well to get traditonal locs in the first place but "NO" I had to have the sisterlocks. Anywho, it was a journey I needed to experience but the end has come to that road traveled. So now, a fresh start on the beginning to my next destination. One of the things I love about being me is I can change my mind at any time and no one can change it for me. That being said, wish me well on my new journey or not, either way I'm already riding out! Peace!!!


  1. Wow Robin! At the beginning of the year, I also cut my sisterlocks. I was dealing with that scalp issue; and although it healed, I felt like I had to get rid of all of the negativity and stress that I was dealing with last year, which I felt that I was carrying in my locs. Anyway, I feel free and love my twa. Not sure what I will do in the future.

    You look great! The short cut fits you. I wish you well on your new journey.

  2. Greetings!
    There is nothing wrong with starting all over.
    I started my 2nd set 3yrs ago, and I love my locks! I don't plan to start over, but I "do" plan to make my locks larger a year from now.

    Take Care~

  3. Love the short do, but did you consider just combining the sisterlocks and going from there? I have seen that a few times and they come out pretty awesome.

  4. @ Sophia,
    I was given that idea but decided I did not want to have to tighten with a tool. I prefer my hair palm rolled. Peace and Blessings!