Monday, December 20, 2010

Choosing a Sisterlock Consultant

Sisterlock Consultant

  I just want to tell you how important it is to research and interview your consultant. I must stress the importance of this, not only is it a big investment but you want it right the first time. I have heard countless stories of ladies who have not only made the investment but then were disappointed with the service. Do your research and also have a conversation with the consultant. It makes a difference. I love my consultant, Mrs. Tressie Samuel. She is very professional and caring as a consultant. Thanks Tressie.


  1. Welcome to the SisterLocks and welcome to the Journey!!!

    Here's wishing you much Patience, Joy and Crativity as you start your SL Journey and the new year.

  2. Hey Lovin!
    I will be listed but I have yet to be. They say it takes two week max but I suppose the holidays interrupted the business week.

    A meetup sounds like fun!!! :) However I have yet to be SLed myself. I plan to be SLed in January or February at the latest.