Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days Sisterlocked

Well today is the 10th day of being Sisterlocked and I'm lovin it! (sorry Micky D's) I love the freedom, the look and also the ease of truly carefree hair. I just have to run my hands thru my hair to fluff it up and I'm ready to go. I am enjoying the transformation of my hair filling out and looking thicker. I shampooed it for the first since my install and I must say I was nervous cause I didn't want to mess anything up! So far so good. Boy, was my scalp itching like crazy! I have not had an issue with itching up until getting my Sisterlocks. I did do an apple cider vinegar rinse and it helped. I feel so free! Looking forward to my continued journey! Peace and Blessings!


  1. Your sisterlocks looks lovely. I really miss the baby stage and all the curls. Enjoy every minute of it. Love the color!

  2. Thank you Kreyola. I am enjoying them very much! Peace and Blessings!

  3. Love your blog, sis, and how you share what you are feeling not only about your hair, but life in general. You are an inspiration.