Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is my birthday, the day I officially entered the world, February 22. The year was 1964. I'm officially 47 years young today. Whoooohooo!!!!!! God has been so good and merciful to me. I have to say that the majority of my life has been pleasent. Yes, I've had some painful times, loosing my Mom and other family members that I miss so dearly, but also I feel truly blessed to have survived the times that were really hard or seemingly unbearable at the time. I have a great family and some really great friends. Life is good and I make sure I praise God each and every moment that I realize how blessed I am. That turns out to be quite often! :>) That keeps me focused and humble. I aspire to live to a very blessed old age so I try my best to remain on the middle road of life so as not to fall into any ditches that may be too far to the right or left. Balance may be the word I'm looking for. Believe me I've been totally off balance and I must say thats not a fun place to be. I'm continuing to grow and learn and I pray that I never stop. Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful day!

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