Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was just sitting here thinking......................
I may be borderline obsessed about sisterlocks.
I can't stop thinking about them.
I mean, I couldn't sleep last night cause I was having all these thoughts...............................
how long will it take my soft hair to lock, am I gonna look like I got a bunch of little plaits, will I still look cute ( yes, vanity is all up in all these thoughts ), will I have much slippage, and on and on.
Am I losing it? I'd like to think I'm just super excited and once they are installed I will relax.
BREATHE (slowly in and out)
Ok, maybe I just needed to vent. I feel better. :>)


  1. Just chill and relax and let the your locks do their thing....they always do anyway.

    You come to accept what ever they want to do despite how much you try and manipulate them.

    I am going through a different type of journey now....called FINALLY ACCEPTING THE GREYS!!!


  2. Lovin, thanks for the comment :)

    It is okay if you obess... I did that a bit too with my first set. And a tiny bit after seeing so many women with beautiful sisterlocks.

    Excited about my journey again:)
    When do you plan on taking the class and becoming SL'd?

  3. @ Faith, had my install done on yesterday. Yeah! I was so tired after the 13 1/2 hours but it was all worth it. :>}
    I am hoping to take the class in 2011 when it is offered in the Atlanta area. Till then I must save so I can pay for it. LOL!
    When will your new journey begin? I'm excited for you.